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Present and Past Engagements


In 2015 we acted on our strategic intent to develop and market zinc dust in South America. We chose Noblia Advisors and its principal Ricardo Iriart as he represented a great extension of our values and mission statement at Purity Zinc Metals. In addition to his integrity, Ricardo and his team possess tremendous commercial skills and became knowledgeable quickly with the applications of zinc dust. His added dimension of culturally understanding the market, the customers, and being tri-lingual, all accelerated both the market research and results we set forth together in 2015. Noblia provides a cost effective tool in expanding our markets versus hiring our own dedicated staff. We appreciate the relationship that has developed and look forward to working with Ricardo and his established team in Latin America.

Noblia Advisors quickly and efficiently valued future business opportunities for our company in different geographic regions around the globe. It was just what we needed to help us prioritize our sales and marketing efforts.

Ricardo executed a sensitive, urgent and important cross-border project for us in an excellent and professional manner. We were concerned about a potential accounting irregularity in a majority owned South American subsidiary but lacked the resources and language skills to investigate in a prompt manner with US staff. Ricardo used his analytical and accounting skills to gather data and then did extensive interviewing in Spanish to gather additional information. The results were presented in English in a comprehensive narrative supported by complete work paper support fully indexed. We are a global UK-based public corporation with the highest ethical and compliance standards and this report successfully met our needs at a business group level, those of our senior corporate officers and our Audit Committee as well as satisfying our outside investor/partner.

When we were presented with the opportunity to grow our business internationally, we needed to quickly understand the environment in those markets, which were the key risks in our industry and how to best position ourselves. Noblia Advisors provided a comprehensive and focused analysis, tailored to our interests. Its Principal, Ricardo Iriart, has broad global experience in finance and operations, and was able to provide us with the insight necessary to make a strategic decision within a short time frame.

Testimonials - Eduardo Campomar, Rainmaker Consulting

Eduardo and I worked closely during the late 90s. He was then a partner at AIG Southern Cone Fund (SCF), a regional Private Equity (PE) group sponsored by AIG. We worked on portfolio strategy, deal structuring and operational turnarounds. I have seen him in action at both board level and factory floor, showing leadership, discipline, integrity and a ruthless exercise of sound judgement and eficient execution. His experience as both a private equity professional and corporate executive makes Eduardo a shrewd advisor sensitive to the needs of investors, capital markets and staff. Over the last 17 years of senior PE roles I have regularly benefited from Eduardo´s views and have found no better person to brainstorm and rely on for management, investment and governance wisdom.

I have known Eduardo for over two decades. We have had a significant number of discussions and negotiations dealing with a wide range of corporate ventures, both in South America and the United States. As a financial executive he is detail oriented and familiar with sophisticated corporate structures. As an entrepreneur, Eduardo is fully aware of present day corporate linkages and up-to-date on the newest techniques. We also had success as a joint venture partner with Eduardo’s companies, where he sought win-win positiions and would not execute final relations until all were in agreement and total concurrence. Following these negotiations, he led extensive follow-up until final implementation. As a negotiator, he sought fairness as a paramount objective. All clauses were reviewed and negotiated with significant patience.