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Noblia Advisors works closely with leaders to critically assess business performance, conduct market and competitive analyses and develop strategic plans. We also assist in the design of global governance frameworks and turn-around situations.

Business Performance Assessment

An independent, objective look at how a business or a business unit is performing looking at the past but stressing trends projected into the future. We not only look at quantitative financial data but also at other critical factors such as market positioning, asset quality, risk management and product pipeline, and other relevant non-financial information. Then we compare that data to industry, competitors and macroeconomic indicators to provide an insightful evaluation of a business.

Market and Competitive Analysis

Working in conjunction with our clients, we analyze markets and trends, breaking it down into relevant segments. We identify, study and compare competitors dynamically. We prepare SWOT analysis, consolidate and discuss actionable findings.

Strategic Planning

We use elements of performance assessments, market and competitive analyses as presented above and develop with our client a strategic plan including an evaluation of risks and mitigating factors and, as required, contingency planning and sensitivity analysis. We can also assist in quantifying the planning process in a financial plan.

Other Strategic Solutions

We provide strategic advice in other areas such as capital investment allocation, global governance, turn-around and other strategic issues key to our client’s long term success.