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Emerging Markets Update

June 2017

Noblia Advisors' Emerging Markets Update. Published June 23, 2017

Global Business News

Noblia Advisors' recap of business news that matter from around the globe. Published June 23, 2017

Country Updates


Open for Business Again

This January 2016 Noblia Advisors Country Update reviews key facts about the Argentine economy and new business opportunities under President Macri's administration. By Eduardo Campomar © Noblia Advisors.


Noblia Client Announcement

Noblia Advisors announces the expansion of its practice in South America through a partnerhip with Mr. Eduardo Campomar, Managing Director, Rainmaker Consulting. January, 2016.

Recommended Reading

Classics: Peter Drucker on Making Decisions

In this 2004 excerpt from the Harvard Business Review you can read in five minutes this legendary management consultant’s reflections on what makes an executive effective.

Global Economic Prospects

This June 2017 World Bank report discusses the current environment of a fragile global economic recovery. © World Bank Group, 2017.

Latin America Trade Trend Estimates

This May 2017 report by the Inter-American Development Bank (BID) presents Latin American and Caribbean International Trade Trend Estimates. © Inter-American Development Bank.

Income Polarization in the United States

This March 2017 IMF Research Bulletin discusses the implications of a shrinking middle-class and its effect on consumption. By Ali Alichi, Kory Kantenga, and Juan Solé. © International Monetary Fund.

In the news


Goldman Sachs slants research to help Democrats, top White House adviser says

Kevin Hassett, President Donald Trump's top economic adviser, suggested Goldman Sachs may be slanting its economic research to help Democrats ahead of the midterm elections.

Land O'Lakes CEO Beth Ford, from the cornfield to the C-suite

Land O'Lakes CEO Beth Ford charts her career path, from her first job to becoming the first openly gay CEO at a Fortune 500 company in an interview with CNN's Boss Files.

The next big test for Elon Musk arrives this week

Read full story for latest details.

The next big test for Elon Musk arrives this week

Read full story for latest details.


Amazon Hits Prime Time for Earnings Expansion

Advertising and cloud growth have boosted margins and made the stock’s valuation cheaper even as the company’s market cap surges past $2 trillion.

Young Workers Fear They Will Never See a Cent From Social Security

The idea of Social Security disappearing is one of the country’s longer-running neuroses and shows few signs of abating. Confidence today is lowest among those who are mid-career.

Rate Cuts Could Make Things Worse for Banks Before They Help

With the Federal Reserve poised to begin cutting interest rates, lenders could get caught between falling yields and rising deposit costs, especially if loan growth is slow.

Extreme Heat Is Causing Billions in Damages That Insurers Won't Cover

Heat waves have become more intense, stunting crops and leading to worker injuries.


'I'm supposed to be dead' says Trump after shooting

The former president says he survived Saturday's attack at a Pennsylvania rally "by luck or by God".

Car bomb kills Somalis watching Euro final at a cafe

"I saw injured people screaming for help - it was terrifying," one survivor tells the BBC in Mogadishu.

Kagame seeks fourth term as Rwandan president

The leader of the East African country has won over 90% of the vote in all the elections he has run in.

Fans use stadium air vents to get into Copa America

Fans climb over walls and into ventilation shafts to get into the stadium hosting the Copa America final.

NYT News

China’s Economy Slows Sharply as Housing Troubles Squeeze Spending

After a strong start to the year, spending has slumped as a real estate downturn weighs on consumers. Communist Party leaders are meeting this week to discuss what to do about it.

China Is Holding a Major Meeting on the Economy That You Can’t Watch

President Xi Jinping is presiding over a conclave to draft a new economic program. The stakes are high, but expectations for big changes are modest.

Google Close to Its Biggest Acquisition Ever, Despite Antitrust Scrutiny

The search giant’s negotiations to buy Wiz, a cybersecurity start-up, for $23 billion, come as the Biden administration has taken a hard line against consolidation in tech and other industries.